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Pipe relining: Frequently Asked Questions

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Pipe relining: Frequently Asked Questions

How does pipe relining differ to more traditional methods of pipe repair?

There are a multitude of ways in which pipe relining differs from traditional methods of pipe repair. The most important one is that pipe relining does not require digging up your property like traditional excavation methods do. As pipe relining removes the need for pipe replacement, it is a clean and non-disruptive process. Furthermore, as there are no costs associated with restoring a ruined landscape, pipe relining is a more cost-effective method, too. Finally, whilst more traditional methods of pipe rehabilitation can take several days to complete, pipe relining is done within just a day – in only a few hours in some cases. This translates to far less disruption to your daily routine which in itself is appealing as life can be rather hectic without unexpected plumbing emergencies.

Will it require any messy digging at my property?

No, as pipe relining does not involve replacing pipes, it therefore does not require any destructive excavation at all. There is no need for you to despair over the thought of your much loved property being dug up and for subsequent landscaping work and costs.

How long will pipe relining take?

Typically, the process of pipe relining is completed within one day. For very simple jobs, the process might only take 3 or 4 hours which some of our clients have indeed experienced. One of pipe relining’s many redeeming features is how quickly it is performed.

What are the advantages of pipe relining?

The benefits of pipe relining are numerous. Let’s take a look at the main advantages pipe relining has over more traditional methods of pipe repair:

  • No messy excavations means no subsequent landscape restoration costs, therefore pipe relining is a more cost-effective method. The fact that not a great deal of machinery or equipment is needed to complete the pipe relining work, nor a large team of staff also reduces the cost of the pipe repair work for you.
  • Unlike more traditional methods of pipe replacement that typically take many days to complete, pipe relining is fast, requiring only a day or sometimes less to complete the process. In this busy world, this fact is highly attractive to many homeowners who are faced with a pipe repair job.
  • Relined pipes actually perform better than pipes that have not been relined which is a pleasant surprise to the homeowners who have already taken advantage of pipe relining’s benefits. In fact, they have a steadier water flow and best of all, are highly resilient to threats to their integrity, including the much-feared invasion of tree roots.
  • Pipe relining is guaranteed to last a lifetime which is invaluable when it comes to peace of mind.

Is your work guaranteed?

Indeed it is. We are so confident that your relined pipes will serve you well for decades to come, that we offer a 50 year guarantee. This means that once your pipe relining job has been completed, you can sit back and relax, knowing that ongoing pipe repair work is nothing that you need to have concerns about.

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