What’s happening with your hot water system? Is your current system leaking, not coping with your household use, or are you ready to upgrade to a more environmentally-friendly hot water service?

As hot water specialists in Sydney, Dr. DRiP Plumbing will service, install and repair your system.

Our reliable and experienced plumbing technicians are trained to solve your hot water problems. They’ll provide you with the best recommendations to help you make informed decisions, with the skills to install or repair many kinds of tanks and systems.

Get in touch for hot water maintenance, repair and replacement enquiries and to make a booking with Dr. DRiP Plumbing. Before you go, here’s some information about hot water systems you’ll find helpful in your discussions with one of our specialist technicians.

How to choose the right hot water system

When choosing a hot water system, always consider the following:

  • What fuel sources (natural gas, electricity and LPG) are available?
  • How much hot water does your household use?
  • What are the purchase and running costs of the hot water system?
  • If you’re considering solar, is there a suitable space for solar panels?
  • Would you prefer a storage or continuous flow system?

What size system is best for my household?

A hot water system that’s too small will continually run out of hot water. A hot water system that’s too large will be more expensive to run because it’ll maintain the water temperature, even when it’s not being used.

A continuous flow hot water system (known as ‘tankless’, ‘instantaneous’ and ‘on-demand’) is a wall-mounted unit that heats water as you use it. It’s not generally suitable for households with high hot water demands.

Your Dr. DRiP plumber will help you choose the right-sized system.

Yes, I need a hot water service specialist!