At Dr. DRiP Plumbing, we provide professional gasfitting services for residential, real estate and strata customers across Sydney.

Gas leaks are dangerous. There are many jobs that can be done DIY-style. This is not one of them. Only fully licensed and expertly trained gasfitters are able to handle the repair work that comes with a gas leak.

Gas can be used for cooking and barbecues, heating and hot water. Gas is a critical part of most buildings, alongside the electrical lines, and runs through your property.

If your gas supply is interrupted, it needs to be fixed. No DIYer can solve the problem. Gas lines are both complex and volatile.

If you smell gas, you’ve got a leak. Sometimes, you could have a gas leak, and not even know it. A sure-fire way of checking if there’s any leaking gas is to turn off all your gas appliances and look at the gas meter to see if it’s still ticking.

You’ve got to call in trained gasfitters — immediately.

When you contact Dr. DRiP Plumbing with a gas leak, one of our technicians will be sent out to your house immediately, with all the equipment needed to solve the problem.

Sometimes, fires do break out. When a gas fire breaks out, there is the risk of an explosion.

Call 000 and keep people away from your home.


Gas leak: How to limit to risk

You can limit the potential risk with the following measures:

  • Smell. The smell of rotten eggs is caused by the gas meeting with the open air. It’s the simplest way to detect any gas, even children can learn how to do this! Talk to a technician from Dr. DRiP if you need help with this as they can advise you on what to do.
  • Sounds. A hissing sound can indicate a line has developed a leak. Your kitchen or near a gas heater is a prime place for this to happen.
  • Sight. Dead grass is a sign gas has leaked out into the open. If there are any unexplained patches of grass that have died, then it could signal a problem. Gas kills plant matter.

Gas appliance installation

Whether your home is an existing home or new home, Dr. DRiP has the expertise to fit your new gas appliance safely and securely.

Gas heater repair and maintenance

Got a broken gas water heater or gas instantaneous hot water service?

At Dr. DRiP, we’ve got your covered with gas heater repair and maintenance.