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Clogged, Smelly or Blocked Drains

Why drains get clogged?

It happens when people are not careful enough of what they put in the drains. Common problems occur in the kitchen where wastes and residues from food, oil and fat blocks the flow of liquids going through. Other drains, like in the bathroom, get clogged because of soap, soap oil residues, shampoos and hair. It is best to be more aware of what you put down your drains and schedule a regular treatment by pouring some drain cleaners from time to time.

Silt and building debris, Leaves, Tree roots, Faulty sewer lines or Mischievous children placing foreign objects in the drain. These type of problems need professional care with Dr. DRiP.

How to prevent smelly drains?

Normally, drains are designed to prevent smells from coming back inside your home, so if you suddenly find yourself suffocating for the foul smell in your bathroom, then there is a problem. Commonly is the result of a dried out trap. Every drain has a U-shaped trap designed to hold a small amount of water at all times. This water blocks sewer gasses from travelling back up your plumbing and into your house. When the trap dries out, there is no barrier and you’ll begin to notice a smell when you enter the room. The simple solution is to pour water down drains in your house that aren’t used often. If this doesn’t resolve the problem, you’ll need to call Dr. DRiP to inspect your system to track down the problem.


What do I do if my toilet is running?

– Leaving the toilet running would mean waste of time, water and money. This could lead to hundreds of galons of water and hundreds of dollars worth of waste in a year. If the water continues to run into the bowl after the toilet is flushed, it indicates that some part of the mechanism has malfunctioned and needs to be adjusted or better yet, replaced.

Hot Water Heater

What will I do if my Water Heater is leaking?

You should call the experts at Dr.DRiP right away. It usually indicates that the tank has rusted. Any repairs would need a specialist in hot water systems and we have that as well. Some problems would need a new hot water system.

Leaking Pipes & Dripping Taps

How can I deal and prevent leaking pipes?

Set up a personal schedule to inspect your pipes. If you see deposits such as lime or rust, this may indicate that it’s starting a leak. If so, you may contact a licensed plumber here at Dr. DRiP to address the problem. By performing your scheduled inspection, you can prevent a small problem before it’s too late. For this can damage household belongings that could be very costly. This will not happen if you can detect a small problem early as you do your inspection.

What are the causes of dripping taps?

It usually has a common simple reason. The faulty internal mechanisms like the washers and the valves causes the taps to drip. Therefore, it needs to be rebuilt or replaced. Easy and inexpensive but can save a lot of water, money and time. Helpful tip would be to turn on/off your taps gently to extend its life.

Burst Pipe

How to handle a situation like having a burst pipe?

Be quick to react and take action immediately. This can cause serious damage to the structure and wirings of your home. First, would be to turn off the water supply, drain remaining water by turning on all your cold taps and flush your toilets, turn off electricity power supply, collect water and fix the leak.

Call Dr. DRiP emergency plumbing service straight away. Regardless of where your burst pipe is, our specialists will help you to hunt it out and fix it. We have the most up-to-date leak detection technology that can help you find the source of your leak.


How come my water pressure got suddenly low?

A sudden change in water pressure can be the result of many problems. It is often related to the water line or shutoff valve. You may need to check your incoming lines and the valve to make sure there is no damage and the valve is open all the way. Another problem you may face is mineral deposit in old pipes. This is common in homes that has pipes for over three or more decades without being replaced. Cleaning would be the immediate solution but replacement is the best decision.


What to do when there is a Gas Leak?

If you smell gas or if if you can smell something similar to rotten eggs, this may indicate you have a Gas Leak. A more sure-fire way of checking if there’s any leaking gas is to turn off all your gas appliances and look at the gas meter to see if it’s still ticking. Call Dr. DRiP immediately. Knowing that there is no time to lose, a trained professional will rush out to you immediately with state of the art gas leak detection apparatus. Only fully licensed and expertly trained gas engineers are able to handle the repair work that comes with a gas leak.

Drainage & Pipe Relining

What is Pipe Relining?

– It is one of several trenchless rehabilitation methods used to repair existing pipelines. A liquid-type substance is then injected down the drains, filling the cracks and holes in the existing pipework. This resin substance sticks to the walls of the drainage pipes. The fiberglass relining material is then inserted and given time to set. The repair is then complete, with very little disruption to the occupants of the property. Dr. DRiP uses state of the art technology to perform the process. Making the fix smooth and easy.

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Dr. DRiP Sydney Plumbers were established in 2000, and today is one of Sydney’s fastest growing and most reputable maintenance plumbing companies. We specialise in rapid response emergency plumbing maintenance. Dr. DRiP’s head office is located in Mona Vale, however we provide a plumbing service to all areas of Sydney.

Owned and operated by Andrew Smith, Dr. DRiP offers a complete 24 hour 7 day a week service. We have 8 mobile work vehicles ready for immediate response. Each vehicle carries a comprehensive range of the latest technology and inventory to ensure most jobs can be completed on the spot, which is a great cost savings for our customers.

Dr. DRiP has built and maintains a loyal customer base, which includes domestic, commercial, real estate, strata, government and corporate companies. We initially became established throughout the Northern Beaches in Sydney and quickly built a strong reputation based on our high level of service, commitment to our customers and our professional expertise. We have since grown into a well-recognised and ethical plumbing company that services the entire Sydney region.

On time, every time is our passion and driving force behind our business. But it’s not the only thing that makes us different. Dr. DRiP has one of the strongest code of ethics and staff training systems in the business of plumbing.

Our employees are extremely valued and highly trained. All employees undertake a full security and background check before starting and undergo an intensive training schedule prior to starting work at Dr. DRiP. We recognise that our professional plumbers are the face of our company and therefore take immense responsibility on how they represent us.

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